Meet our young and ambitious team: Marcos, Otto, Veera, Dani, Max & Ossi.

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Marcos РCreative head chef and co-owner. Worked in acclaimed Michelin starred restaurants. Started his first restaurant business Ruoto Catering, while studying in culinary school Perho.
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Otto – Restauranteur and co-owner. Founded Helsinki’s first ramen restaurant Fat Ramen with Marcos in the year 2015. Sake enthusiast.
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Veera – Wine genie. Our caretaker and boss lady. Always smiling and welcomes you with love and warmth.
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Dani – Young and talented sous chef. ‘Lets eat together’¬†messenger. Vows on eating together and sharing of food. Appreciates seasonal ingredients and Finnish nature.
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Max – Bohemian world traveler, whose customer service combines restaurant and cafe experiences from around the globe such as India, Morocco, Middle East, Japan and China.
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Ossi – Laid-back professional. Many years experience working both abroad and in Finland. Daydreams of riding big surf waves.