In Gohan we embrace quality ingredients, Finland’s four seasons and organic produce. The kitchen is led by creative head chef Marcos, whos half-Portuguese roots and travels around the world shape the menu.

In the evening time our kitchen offers a menu consisting of around ten portions. The menu is alive around the year and changes ten times.  We use natural preservation methods like pickling, salting and fermenting. Social eating and sharing is encouraged, but everything is suitable for eating individually.



4-course surprise chef’s menu 44,00 €

6-course surprise chef’s menu 59,00 €

8-course surprise chef’s menu 69,00 €

Chef’s menus are served only for the whole table!


Sourdough and malt bread with acidic butter 2,00 € per person

House pickles & mayonnaise 4,00 €

Chicken liver mousse & cipollini onions 5,00 €

Cheese, brioche & cranberry jam 9,00 €

Warm winter salad, parsnip, artichokes & raisins 9,00 €

Lamb tartar, chestnuts & black garlic 13,00 €

Lappish potato crème, potato skin & vendace roe 12,00 €

Buckwheat ‘Ho Fun’ noodles, red cabbage, pork ragú & horseradish sour cream 14,00 €

Beetroot in several ways, duck breast & licorice duck sauce 17,00 €

Charred celeriac, celeriac cream & caramelized cheese 14,00 €

Birch sap teriyaki glazed burbot, salsify & lardo 18,00 €

Rice pudding, cranberry kissel & cranberry sorbet 9,00 €

‘French toast’, cashew crème, white chocolate, gooseberries & brown butter ice cream 10,00 €

Bar menu can also be ordered freely to tables. We usually suggest five dishes for two people to share.