In Gohan we embrace quality ingredients, Finland’s four seasons and organic produce. The kitchen is led by creative head chef Marcos, whos half-Portuguese roots and travels around the world shape the menu.

In the evening time our kitchen offers a menu consisting of around ten portions. The menu is alive around the year and changes constantly.  We use natural preservation methods like pickling, salting and fermenting. Social eating and sharing is encouraged, but everything is suitable for eating individually.

During lunch time we serve a Bento style tray, which consists of several different portions. The lunch tray changes weekly and always has a vegetarian option.


Lunch 13.11. – 15.11.2019 15,00€

Caramelized carrot soup with ginger

Salads, pickles and almond dressing

62°C egg with spiced rice

Lamb & pork dumplings with leek and dashi jus

Vegetarian option:

Leek & onion dumplings and mushroom jus

Citrus parfait with cookie crumble

Also vegan & gluten-free options available

Evening menu

Sourdough & malt bread with whipped miso-butter 2,00€

House pickles & mayonnaise 4,00€

Chicken liver mousse 5,00€

Rice, fermented vegetables & egg 8,00€

Norwegian sweet cheese, pecorino cheese & red currants 9,00€

Marinated vendance with green tomato escabeche 10,00€

Roasted carrot, ricotta cheese, preserved carrots & carrot tops 11,00€

Roasted Jerusalem artichoke with coffee mole sauce & fresh white cheesee 12,00€

Lamb tartar, forest mushrooms & garlic tops 13,00€

Chicken hearts ‘al pastor’ from our Korin grill, chili & orange tamarin 14,00€

Charred leeks, hollandaise sauce, roasted almonds & pike roe 15,00€

Sweet stuff

Apple pie with sourdough ice cream 9,00€

Lemon curd, hazelnut crumble & kaffir lime meringue 9,00€