In Gohan we embrace quality ingredients, Finland’s four seasons and organic produce. The kitchen is lead by our creative head chef Marcos, whos half-Portuguese roots and travels around the world shape our menu.
On the evening time our kitchen offers a menu consisting of around ten portions. The menu is alive all the time and some portions change weekly.  We use natural preservation methods like pickling, salting and fermenting. Social eating and sharing is encouraged, but everything is suitable for eating individually.
Lunch is served from Wednesday to Friday. We offer a bento style lunch, which is served separately on a tray. The lunch tray changes daily and always has a meat or a fish and a vegetarian option.


LUNCH 17 €


Parsnip soup
Honey glazed organic Finnish chicken leg and fermented black radish
Spelt, sweet potato and pickled ginger
Fennel and blood orange salad
Buttemilk pannacotta and lingonberries

Vegetarian option: Cauliflower wings and nigella mayonnaise


Apple and celery soup
Pike ’Wallenberg’ steak, horseradish and water cress
Potato flat bread and Baltic herring
Turnip and carrot salad
Buckwheat pattisier and oat granola

Vegetarian option: Chickpeasteak, caramelized onion pyreé and water cress

FRIDAY 19.4.

Jerusalee artichoke soup and pickled Jerusalem artichoke
Organic Finnish lamb shank, shallot onion and red wine sauce
Potato pyreé and fermented garlic
Red beet and tarragon salad
Yoghurt sorbet, lemon and sea buckthorn syrup with caramelized nuts

Vegetarian option: Almond and buckwheat porridge, marinated shimeji mushrooms and smokey oil con fit carrots

Coffee or tea 2,50 €
Lunch wine 12cl 9,00 €


Pimped Rice – organic rice served with puffed rice, cured egg yolk and burbot roe “bottarga”  4

Tofu – housemade organic tofu, marinated shimeiji mushrooms, dried shiitake and puffed rice 8 €

Roots – roasted parsnips and beets, Nigella-seed mayo and preserved crosnes 7

Tortellini – housemade tortellini filled with ricotta, spinach and walnut. Served with fermented tomato and pecorino water 13 €

Skrej Cod – poached skrej cod, watercress, garlic and crispy cod chips  20 €

Omelet – organic three egg omelet, dried shrimp and ssäm-sauce 11 €

Onions & Barley – onion-barley porridge, crispy onions, reduced beef stock and dried deer meat 12


Cheddar – matured English cheddar, cranberry compote, sour cranberries and poppy seed flatbread 8 €

Kombu & Oats – kombu-seaweed ice cream, meringue and oat crumble 8 €

Almond & Blood Orange – almond milk custard, blood orange granite and verbena marinated blood orange segments 9 €


House pickles 3 € 

Bread & butter – housemade sourdough bread, malt bread & soy butter 3 €

Chicken liver mousse & umeshu plums 5 €