In Gohan we embrace quality ingredients, Finland’s four seasons and organic produce. The kitchen is led by creative head chef Marcos, whos half-Portuguese roots and travels around the world shape the menu.

In the evening time our kitchen offers a menu consisting of around ten portions. The menu is alive around the year and changes almost monthly.  We use natural preservation methods like pickling, salting and fermenting. Social eating and sharing is encouraged, but everything is suitable for eating individually.


A La Carte

Tomato, nori and soy 8 €

Rice, fermented vegetables and egg 8

Zucchini, cream cheese and sunflower seed 9

Lamb tartar, kale and tagetes 12 €

Potato flatbread, forest mushrooms and pancetta 14 €

Beetroot, goat cheese and hazelnuts 13 €

Whitefish from lake Inari, ginger and sesame 6 €

Summer cabbage, mussels and fennel 16 €

Pork belly, XO-sauce and ramson 15 €


Västerbotten cheese and red currants 7 €

Kaffir-lime, blueberries and white chocolate 10 €

Apple, sourcream and barley 8 €


House pickles and mayonnaise 4 €

Sourdough and malt bread with whipped soy-butter 3 €

Chicken liver mousse 5 €