In Gohan we embrace quality ingredients, Finland’s four seasons and organic produce. The kitchen is lead by our creative head chef Marcos, whos half-Portuguese roots and travels around the world shape our menu.
On the evening time our kitchen offers a menu consisting of around ten portions. The menu is alive all the time and some portions change weekly.  We use natural preservation methods like pickling, salting and fermenting. Social eating and sharing is encouraged, but everything is suitable for eating individually.
Lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday. We offer a bento style lunch, which is served separately on a tray. The lunch tray changes daily and always has a meat or a fish and a vegetarian option.



TUESDAY 12.2. 17 €

Cod crockets and fennel sauce
Jerusalem artichoke soup
Malt bread, creme fraiche and gherkin
Egg white, radicchio and nori
Preserved blueberries and oats

Vegetarian option: Broadbean tempeh, aubergine sauce and roasted onions

WEDNESDAY 13.2. 17 

Pork dumplings, demi glaze and parmesan
Mushroom dashi and pickled kombu
Nutty rice and soy brined egg yolk
Apple pie and lingonberry sorbet
Fermented daikon, kale and whey dressing

Vegetarian option: Oyster mushroom dumplings and mushroom soy

THURSDAY 14.2. 17 

Pulpo and limpets with tomato rice
Almond gazpacho
Black garlic and onion sauce
Fennel and apple salad
Pumpkin ice cream and cookies

Vegetarian option: Chickpeas and lentil rice

FRIDAY 15.2. 17 €

Reindeer stew and sour lingonberries
Leek soup
Truffled potato creme
Turnips, juniper and spruce
Artichoke panna cotta and honeycomb

Vegetarian option: Mushroom stew


Jerusalem artichoke flan – roasted Jerusalem artichoke & coffee 5 €

Carelian pie – whipped egg butter & whitefish roe 6 €

Potato – Puikula potato creme, vendace roe & potato skins 9 €

Tartar – organic lamb tartar, black garlic emulsion, fermented black radish & pickled mustard seeds 12 €


Egg – organic egg omelet & smoked burbot bottarga roe 10 €

Dumplings – snow crab filling, roasted celeriac bouillon & crab oil 12 €

Hokkaido pumpkin – amaranth, pumpkin seeds & hay smoked vegan bechamel 10 €

Burbot – roasted burbot, birch sap “teriyaki” & leek ash 16 €

Lamb – organic braised lamb belly, smoked lamb fat glaze, beetroots & bonito 19 €


Cheese plate of the day 7 €

Nashi pear terrine & licorice creme 8 €

Sea buckthorn and carrot – Sea buckthorn sorbet, pickled carrot, carrot cake & salted sea buckthorn 8 € 


Gohan– a bowl of organic rice 2 €

House pickles 3 €

Bread & butter – sourdough bread, malt bread & soy butter 3 €

Chicken liver mousse & umeshu plums 5 €